Beyond Worms - Supporting Sustainable Farming

Our locally made products are for the back yard gardener and for the small acre farmer, with our fertilisers either bottled, bagged or available in bulk for larger applications.

Below is a summary of our product range that include 100% naturally produced concentrate fertilisers
 - Vermi-Vital  liquid Concentrate (Vermiliquer) and Vermi-Grow Slow Release Fertiliser (Screened Worm Castings), Compost Worms, and 'THE SWAG' a Qld invention of hanging style Worm Composting Unit.

We have our natural fertilisers regularly analysed so that we are able to present high quality products to our customers. 

As distributors of 'THE SWAG' we are very pleased to promote this different style hanging worm farm/compost unit as it can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any garden.
Easy to use with no cleaning necessary or heavy lifting required.
For further information click here.

If you have some questions about how to look after a worm farm then Q & A - Compost Worms may help you, and we may also be able to assist you with our Compost Worm Facts list.

And then there is the 'VERMI DIGESTER' for larger circumstances for organic waste conversion of up to 350kg/week, suitable for resorts, schools, Councils, retirement villages, restaurants etc.  Bulk supplies of compost worms are available for the set-up and operation of each of these systems.
For more information on our products, current promotions, custom options available and arrangements for purchase and delivery of your requirements please use the form on our 'Contact Us' page, or contact us by phone or email. 

Suitable for worm farms, compost bins/heaps, enviro toilets, raised garden beds or feeding your pet fish. These silent workers convert once living matter into rich organic material beneficial to our environment. They can consume your kitchen vege/fruit scraps, dead plant material, paper, lawn clippings into useful natural garden fertiliser.
1000+ (250g) worms $ 35.00 incl GST.
2000+ (500g) worms $ 66.00 incl GST.
4000+ (1kg) worms $ 110.00 incl GST.
Delivery costs extra.
'THE SWAG' Off Ground Worm Compost Bin
Recycles your garden, animal and kitchen waste AND gives you free fertiliser. No heavy lifting of trays, designed to hang from a tree branch, under verandah, house OR purchase specially designed steel stand. No small parts to clean or lose. Large capacity gives insulation for the worms against temperature variations.
'SWAG' Unit $ 99.00 incl GST. PLUS Free Instructional DVD included
Steel 'SWAG' Stand $ 88.00 incl GST.
Delivery costs extra.
'THE SWAG' Off Ground Worm Compost Bin
VERMI-VITAL Liquid Concentrate Fertiliser
VERMI-VITAL Liquid Concentrate Fertiliser
100% natural, high quality liquid concentrate. Contains beneficial nutrients, microbes and bacteria to aid all plant types. Suitable to be applied all year round to all soil types. Mix 10ml per litre water and apply diluted solution by spraying foliage and/or watering around base of plant.
1 Litre $ 7.70 incl GST,
4 Litre $ 27.50 incl GST.
Delivery costs extra. Bulk available P.O.A.
VERMI-GROW Worm Castings
Excellent natural source of 100% organic material and minerals. Slow release fertiliser, odourless and ideal for all plant types. Promotes overall plant health and retains moisture in the soil. Blend with potting mix or apply straight to soil. Great for pot plants, vegetables, flowers, fruit and turf applications.
10 Litre bag $ 22.00 incl GST,
20 Litre bag $ 35.00 incl GST.
Delivery costs extra. Bulk available P.O.A.
VERMI-GROW  Worm Castings
On Site Organic Vermi-Digester
On Site Organic Vermi-Digester
Standard Commercial Unit On-site waste treatment digesters for use by organic waste producers. Recycle your organic waste on-site and create a value added by-product. Solar powered, electronically controlled moisture reticulation system. Has received an Environmental Choice Tick for reduced carbon footprint compared with other options in organic waste management. Suitable for Councils, resorts, restaurants, schools, sporting facilities etc. P.O.A.

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